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PM urges Phú Yên Province to polish its 'rough diamond' tourism potential


PM urges Phú Yên Province to polish its 'rough diamond' tourism potential

PHÚ YÊN — Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc called the tourism potential in the south-central province of Phú Yên “rough diamonds” that need the polishing of skilled craftsmen to truly shine, urging the province to facilitate private investment into this sector.

PM urges Phú Yên Province to polish its 'rough diamond' tourism potential

The Government leader made the statement as he met with Phú Yên leaders during a working visit to the province on Saturday.

He urged the province to capitalise on its  一 八 九km of coastline, which has and will ‘shape the province’s future.’

The Phú Yên coastline remains largely unexplored, with many beautiful sights such as the Xuân Đài bay, Ghềnh Đá Đĩa (Cliff of Stone Plates) the lagoons of Cù Mông and Ô Loan. In addition, the locality boasts a major fishing ground with diverse fisheries resources, and age-old fishing villages with their own unique festivals and cultural features. The deep-water port of Vũng Rô could easily acco妹妹odate large cargo ships.

After listening to feedback from investors, key provincial leaders and ministries’ representatives, PM Phúc said Phú Yên remained an economically challenged locality in the central region despite its potentials.

PM Phúc praised local authorities’ strong determination to promote socio-economic development, saying that the province had concentrated on the planning work, applying information technology, proposing mechanisms, and improving its business and investment environment.

Phú Yên had done well in implementing core strategies, including developing economic and industrial zones, transport, airport and seaport infrastructure, he noted.

Despite difficulties facing the locality amid the COVID- 一 九 pandemic, Phú Yên still completed and even exceeded important socio-economic development goals, particularly in poverty reduction, the PM noted.

He urged Phú Yên Province to exert efforts so as to attract more investment into key projects, thus creating breakthroughs for the locality’s development.  

He also emphasised the importance of proper planning and vision in attracting investment and prompting sustainable development in the locality.

PM Phúc said the province needed to work hard to accelerate the implementation of investment projects, especially in agriculture, real estate and tourism, in order to fully tap its strengths and potential in these fields, while paying attention to sustainable development and green growth.

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